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Nowhere else you will find such a wide range of lighting products and related electric equipment and components as with Electro Cirkel.

Calex and Miscellaneous LampsCalex and Miscellaneous Lamps

Calex and Miscellaneous Lamps

Osram Led TubesOsram Led Tubes

Osram Led Tubes



LED FixturesLED Fixtures

LED Fixtures

Fluorescent Lighting FittingsFluorescent Lighting Fittings

Fluorescent Lighting Fittings

Fluorescent Lighting AccessoriesFluorescent Lighting Accessories

Fluorescent Lighting Accessories

Outdoor Lighting FixturesOutdoor Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Gas-discharge Lighting AccessoriesGas-discharge Lighting Accessories

Gas-discharge Lighting Accessories

Deck and Navigation LightsDeck and Navigation Lights

Deck and Navigation Lights

Indoor Lighting FixturesIndoor Lighting Fixtures

Indoor Lighting Fixtures



Explosion Proof EquipmentExplosion Proof Equipment

Explosion Proof Equipment

Flashlights, Handlamps and AccessoriesFlashlights, Handlamps and Accessories

Flashlights, Handlamps and Accessories

Batteries and AccessoriesBatteries and Accessories

Batteries and Accessories

Lead Acid Batteries and AccessoriesLead Acid Batteries and Accessories

Lead Acid Batteries and Accessories

Cables and AccessoriesCables and Accessories

Cables and Accessories

Insulation MaterialsInsulation Materials

Insulation Materials

Aerosols and Electro CleanAerosols and Electro Clean

Aerosols and Electro Clean

Wiring Accessories - Indoor useWiring Accessories - Indoor use

Wiring Accessories - Indoor use

Wiring Accessories - Outdoor UseWiring Accessories - Outdoor Use

Wiring Accessories - Outdoor Use

Switches and Pilot Lights Industrial UseSwitches and Pilot Lights Industrial Use

Switches and Pilot Lights Industrial Use

Relays, Contactors, Timers and Acc.Relays, Contactors, Timers and Acc.

Relays, Contactors, Timers and Acc.

Transformers & Power SuppliesTransformers & Power Supplies

Transformers & Power Supplies

Alarm EquipmentAlarm Equipment

Alarm Equipment

Antennas and AccessoriesAntennas and Accessories

Antennas and Accessories

Communication EquipmentCommunication Equipment

Communication Equipment

Fuses and AccessoriesFuses and Accessories

Fuses and Accessories

Measuring Instruments and AccessoriesMeasuring Instruments and Accessories

Measuring Instruments and Accessories

Fluke Measuring Instruments and Acc.Fluke Measuring Instruments and Acc.

Fluke Measuring Instruments and Acc.

Fire Alarm EquipmentFire Alarm Equipment

Fire Alarm Equipment

Electricians Tools and AccessoriesElectricians Tools and Accessories

Electricians Tools and Accessories

Generator and E-motor EquipmentGenerator and E-motor Equipment

Generator and E-motor Equipment

Fans and  Blower ToolsFans and  Blower Tools

Fans and Blower Tools

Domestic EquipmentDomestic Equipment

Domestic Equipment

Thermostats and Pressure SwitchesThermostats and Pressure Switches

Thermostats and Pressure Switches

Solenoid ValvesSolenoid Valves

Solenoid Valves

Panel Meters and AccessoriesPanel Meters and Accessories

Panel Meters and Accessories

Victron Energy Victron Energy

Victron Energy

Ignition MaterialIgnition Material

Ignition Material

Christmas LightingsChristmas Lightings

Christmas Lightings

Telecom and Network EquipmentTelecom and Network Equipment

Telecom and Network Equipment